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21 Of The Most Overhyped Athletes Of All-Time


The media has, throughout the years, made dozens of athletes great. Unfortunately, their on-field performance didn’t exactly justify it.

Some of the athletes on this list were actually great – just not nearly as great as they were made out to be. On the other hand, calling some of the others on this list great is an insult to their sport’s true superstars.

1. Derek Jeter

Okay, we are pretty sure that putting Derek Jeter on the list of the most overhyped athletes ever will anger quite a few people – we’re looking at you NYC. In fact, we’re really grateful for the fact that our names are not published as it would make future visits to New York unbearable.

Still, we are standing behind our putting Jeter on this list. And to be perfectly honest, a very large part of this is the legend of Jeter that New Yorkers are always pushing. Jeter is the second coming of Jesus. Jeter is the best baseball player since color TV became a thing. Jeter is one of the best Yankees ever to play the game.

We are not saying that Jeter is a bad baseball player. In fact, he is good. However, his numbers simply do not hold up to scrutiny. Then, you have Yankees fans screaming about the “intangibles.” Get real. Intangibles mean squat in baseball. We’re sorry but that’s just the way it is.

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  • Robert

    You’re an idiot. If for no other reason than not being able to correctly point out that Reggie Bush was selected in the 2006 Draft and has only played 8 seasons. For someone so keen on preaching why stats make athletes great, that’s a pretty big screwup. I’m sorry that I gave you the courtesy of a page view.

  • jumbybird

    No RG3?

    • 856Caine

      RG3 hasn’t been in the league that long. It’s ridiculous to say he’s overhyped already.

      • Jacob Howard

        Noooo Not really. RG3 sucks dick

  • jumbybird

    It would be a good list if half the players didn’t deserve their hype.

  • Terry

    Tyson won a lot of big fights. Saying he never won a big fight is silly. He had very fast hands and great power in both hands. Some people overate him, but to say he was top 10 overhyped is ridiculous.

    PS. You meant a right cross, not a right hook.

    • Stan DaMann

      Tyson’s great power was in his incredible leg strength. Unfortunately he stopped training at the level needed to maintain that strength.

    • Kelly Bybee

      Actually his big power punches were the left hook and uppercut.

  • Junebug Spade

    What? No Tim Tebow? No Johnny Manziel? No Gerry Cooney?

  • John H. Holliday

    Joe Namath – the number one most over hyped and over rated athlete the world has ever seen.

    • Rory Gibbons

      did you ever see him play, he’s a great human being full of love of life, he didn’t overhype himself, he’s never taken himself seriously, there is only one “Broadway Joe.” and he was one of the greatest quarterbacks football has ever seen.

  • Ron Monday

    Tyson won 50 of 58 fights with 44 KO’s! During his prime….no one reeked terror more than Mike Tyson! When you actually place bets on whether his fights make it into the 2nd round….I take that as no where near over-rated!

    • Old Dirty Bizza Baby Yeezus

      Mike Tyson in his snarling prime was the most dominant boxer of all time. More dominant than Mohammed Ali, George Foreman and Rocky Marciano combined. He was a pit bull among lapdogs. This is the worst list I’ve ever seen.

  • Bobby

    Broheim, You know nothing about sports. I would quit pretending that you do.

  • cjkrew

    Bo Jackson overrated!!! He is the greatest athlete of the 20th and still 21st century.

    • andrew


    • buffonelder101

      is that why he lasted so long? bo is by far the most overrated athlete in the past century….

    • buffonelder101

      bo is easily the most overrated athlete this century… hands down

  • rentslave

    If Jeter keeps playing he’ll break Pete Rose’s record-for most OUTS made in a career.Currently,his career value is the THIRD best in Yankee history at short,behind Gil and Phil.However,he’ll fall below Everest and Roger should he keep going.

  • Jacob Howard

    You said Ozzie Smith too! God damn son what planet do you live on?!?!?!

  • Jacob Howard

    Mike Alstott???? He was a fullback you dumbass. When was the last time a fucking fullback ran for 1200 yards umm never! Retard. Ricky Williams why? Because he loved pot? Ricky was a beast on the ground asshole. Reggie Bush?????? Bush just tore it up. It wasn’t his fault he was drafted to an overloaded running back team. Damn son I’m surprised Michael Jordan isn’t on your list!

  • Lee

    Tom Brady!

  • Fred

    Know the difference between a right “hook” and a right “cross”.

  • Fred

    Bo Jackson? Mike Tyson? Lol. I would have put Dominique Wilkins on this list.

  • Greg Sarro

    Must be nice to know absolutely nothing about several sports. But the one that stood out – Tyson. In his day NO ONE wanted to fight him except Douglas. NOBODY. The man was the greatest terror to enter the ring from the perspective of literally putting the fear into an entire weight class.

    And Jeter – just lol. It’s not Yankee fans like me. Try telling the Red Sox fans that openly admit the guy is just frigging magic.

    I won’t even start on the slew of athletes who never rated to begin with that you declare over-rated. Silly.

  • Braim04

    It’s IDIOTIC to include Jeter in a list with Mike Tyson and Dwight Howard. Jeter has a handful of championship rings and he played a hugh role in getting them for the Yankees.

  • ReaganSmash

    No one wants to say it, huh? Ok, fine…… How about Captain padded stats Fivehead Manning? He’s fantastic when he has absolutely PERFECT conditions in front of him. Outstanding protection, well-sculpted pocket, WIDE FREAKING OPEN RECEIVERS ALL OVER THE PLACE, but man.. when any sort of adversity hits.. yikes.

  • TruBlu

    when i got to mike singletary, I had already decided that this list is a joke and borderline blasphemous…after actually holding my lunch down long enough to finish, its confirmed…blasphemy…..Singletary was the best player at his position for a decade straight…Mike Tyson was arguably the most intimidating heavyweight of all time..Mike Vick is the most athletically gifted person to have ever played qb, period…alstott was a big back with quick feet that did exactly what he was asked/paid to do, and that was move the chains….Vince Carter was a spectacular scorer for Toronto, not to mention New Jersey…and Bo Jackson?? Bo Jackson was the greatest athlete that the world has ever seen outside of Jim Thorpe…he hit for power, did freakishly athletic things in the outfield, and then when he did f up, hed snap a bat over his thigh…oh, and hed then play half a football season and still put up pro bowl numbers…ask the Boz if Bo is overhyped……

  • Yoyo

    Yeah… Ozzie won 13 consecutive GG (3rd all time) and won a championship and should have won another if it wasn’t for a guy named Doekinger and you say defense doesn’t win championship. That’s the exact frickin definition of whiteyball which should have won 2 championships in 3 years. He was the best SS of all time better than Cal Ripken. This is only sporty insider anyway. He had nearly 2,500 hits and hit the Go Crazy Folks Go Crazy homerun. Are you insane?

  • Pizza the Hut

    Bo Jackson was great BUT his career was cut short by an injury.

  • Pizza the Hut

    I can not take this list seriously for what they said about Ozzie. Ozzie was a great shortstop and in the 80’s you did not need a great hitter at SS to win championships. Ozzie ate up ground balls in his prime

  • Old Dirty Bizza Baby Yeezus

    Yup, you lost me after Jeter. He’s one of the all-time postseason greats, both in numbers recorded and intangibles that can hardly be described. In the Yankees dynasty years, Jeter singlehandedly brought the Yankees back from the brink on more occasions than athletes on this list. He was magical, and even Red Sox fans aren’t dumb enough to call him overrated. Just for what he brings to a locker room, the professionalism, the positivity, the leadership by example, and the aura of a winner makes him worth every single first ballot vote into the HOF.

    If I ever read an article by you before, I’d say you’re not only way overrated but an amateur.

    • Gorgonzola Albatross

      Dynasties teams don’t spend a lot of time on the brink….they wouldn’t be a dynasty.

      Jeter will be a 1st ballot HOF’er, and rightly so…..but there is some fanboy element that treats him as the best player in the history of the game and he is far from that; in that way he is overrated.

  • Obj3ctive1

    Alstott should NOT be on the list. He was a Fullback, and had a great touchdown scoring record. Ran over many, many people. Never got 30 touches per game

    • mac1275

      I agree. I can’t think of one other Fullback who did much more than block.

  • Stan DaMann

    The most overhyped athlete of all time in any sport was undoubtedly LeBron James. The NBA strategy was to market its stars, and when Jordan retired, they planned the LeBron manufacture. They let him run into defenders, and the foul was always on the defender. They let him push and shove on every play, but never call a foul on him, but instead call him a great defensive player. For years he could not make a shot at the end of a close game, but they gave him MVPs anyway.

  • TheCraig

    How can a player with 3000 plus hits and 5 world series rings including the 2000 world series MVP trophy be considered overrated? I’m a Yankee fan and I know he’s not the greatest to ever play the game, but the guy is a winner. He came through time and time again when a big hit was needed, a la, 2001 when he hit the home run in the world series to tie the game and got the moniker “Mr. November.”

  • Julian Brown

    Ozzie Smith? so what if he didn’t hit for power? His batting average was .286. He stole 580 bases. More importantly, he won golden glove over and over again.. no one remember his hitting, he’s remember for his glove, which is deserving. Power doesn’t win championships.. he has a ring, he belonged on that team, he’s a great player..

    Jeter…. as much as I think he’s over rated, those reasons are not the right reasons.. over his career, he was a great short stop and got 3000 hits. only like 10 others in history did that.

  • Chief1719

    I don’t understand the Mike Tyson commentary. He won plenty of big fights even before he was 20.

  • Kelly Bybee

    Mike Tyson? Wow, he knocked more grown men before he was 21 years old than any boxer in history. He never backed down from a fight like these guys these days. He has a weak mind and a woman broke him down it’s that simple. If he had not gotten married he might still be champ.

  • Kelly Bybee

    Brian Bosworth, the “Manwhich”, A host of first round football players mostly QB’s. I hate the Yankees but yeah Jeter was pretty good.

  • Scott

    Where is Michael Jordan? Never made it out of the first round without Pippen and when he left to play baseball his team only lost two more game than they did the previous season. In contrast when LeBron left Cleveland they lost 40 more games than the previous season…. Was Michael Jordan a great player? Yes, but he is no where near the goat the media portrays him to be.

  • buffonelder101

    he can’t play the field like he can bat… one trick pony

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