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9 Biggest Flamethrowers Not In The Hall Of Fame


It’s one of the most dramatic showdowns in sports – the fireballing pitcher against the prolific slugger. The ace reaches back, summons everything he has, and blows the hitter away. Here are the 10 pitchers with the most strikeouts who are eligible for, but not yet, in Cooperstown.

1. Mickey Lolich (18th, 2832)

The easiest way to get K’s is to stay in the game, and the Tiger favorite did precisely that, throwing more than 300 innings in four consecutive seasons, including an eye-popping 376 in 1971. Lolich led the AL with 45 starts and 25 wins that season, a nice comeback from 1970 when he paced the AL with 19 losses.

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  • mutantbeast

    You listed Tanana as a power arm. He was very early in his career, but by his 4th big league season(1979) he had become a finesse lefty. Lolich ended up with a sore shoulder by the early 70s and lost out on what was an excellent career, including the MVP of the 1968 WS. One name you might have overlooked was Loiusiana lightning , Ron Guidry.

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